I have loved movies for all of my life.   The pure joy of enjoyment and the feelings of wonder as I sit watching films provides me a release from the everyday stresses of life!

I remember sitting in a crowded theater, watching The Empire Strikes Back, and gazing around watching peoples reactions to the famous “I am your father” scene.   Gasps. tears, hands over mouths in shock.   What a moment.  From that point forward, I became engrossed in film.

From Saturday afternoon matinees, to Disney films, to the annual showing of the Ten Commandments, they all became part of my growing up.

I may offend at times, hopefully entertain in other posts, and always want to show my love of movies in my posts.

Of course, as we all grow up, other interests do appeal to us all.  So from time to time, when I visit a restaurant or have an adult beverage at a bar, I will post reviews on them as well.    Hence the subtitle, Movies, Restaurants, and More!

All my best,

Hitting a Mark!


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