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This is a beloved movie for me.    A fantastic, funny, irreverent movie that provided a lot of quotable lines that will last a lifetime.   That was 1984’s Ghostbusters – 2016’s Ghostbusters?  Well, this movie is a level of awful that hasn’t been reached since the release of the Twilight films.   It is so bad that the filmmakers and actors should get awards for being bad.  Something like the Razzie awards.   I do hope this will kill some of the momentum in remaking the classic films of the past few decades.

In order to review this film properly, comparisons to the 1984 classic shouldn’t be made.  It’s just not fair, compare one of the funniest movies of all times to a modern remake?   If this movie had been funny at all, it would have stood on its own merit.  But that is the problem.  So after a period of time, the old jokes come back, the classic song, and even the want for the first cast.

I loved Bridesmaids, the movie was hilarious.   Well written, great comic improv, funny storyline.   This movie tries really to hard.   Or at worst, isn’t trying very well at all.  It is almost as if they filmmakers got together and decided what should make up a funny Ghostbusters movie.  Shoot a ghost in the crotch!  Check.   Have characters fly around testing equipment out!  Check.   Try to have some sort of chemistry by highlighting the oddities of each character!  Check.   At the heart this movie if formulaic and that simply will not do when you have Melissa McCarthey, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones as the primary cast.

The film contradicts itself way to many times.  The team can afford the let super engineer McKinnon build all this cool equipment, but can’t buy the firehouse.   And why is Leslie Jones even relevant.   Her whole addition to the team is because she know everything it seems about New York and its architecture.  A tour guide.  But, the movie never really sets up the need for tour guide.  So her showing up and being automatically included in the team is really not great storytelling.   It doesn’t fit.  And it isn’t played well enough for funny.  Why not have her make a mistake and turn the corner to surprise!  Mr. Stay Puft.  But no, wasted opportunity.

Chris Hemsworth is a shining spot as the dull headed office administrator, Kevin.   But even that joke begins to fade fast.  Even the cameos by the old team fall flat.

This movie should have never been made.  It was two hours that I won’t get back for my life.

0 Stars – NOT a Hitting a mark recommendation.