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Ant-Man is a wonderful film.   It is charming, action packed, suspenseful, and just plain out fun to watch.   While there have been gripes about the Marvel “movie structure” being in place, the film serves to kick start Marvel’s “Phase 3” in glorious fashion.  This reviewer is simply enjoying the greatest collection of films brought together in a timely manner.   And ther is nothing wrong with that structure being in place.

Paul Rudd is brilliantly chosen as the lead.  His character, Scott Lang, is charming, good looking, a master thief, and really has great comedic skills.   The movie is the funniest of the Marvel films to date and never over extends itself.    Rudd really cares and his efforts to become the hero are grounded in his reality. He needs to show his daughter that he something more than a burglar.  That he wants her to know him as a good guy.

Evangeline Lilly is fantastic his martial arts teacher and romantic interest.    She really gives a excellent performance showing angst, comedy chops, and making you feel her pain.   Her Hope van Dyne is expressive and very much the equal to Scott Lang.  The future is bright for them.

Michael Douglas is a revelation.  This is his first ever big effects movie and boy it is a delight to watch him with the other actors. He jus a master on screen and just connects with the audience and the story.   He is the original Ant-Man and the brilliant inventor of the Pym particle.

However, Marvel movies only are ever as good as their villains.   The fantastic Corey Stoll plays Darren Cross.   And he just gives the character layers of emotion and some of the best acting with eyes since Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2.

Director Peyton Reed just hits all the marks correctly and really uses visual effects to the full extent.  See this movie in 3D and in IMAX.   The sound and effects are phenomenal and just blew me away.  So make your way to see this film, you won’t be disappointed.

4 stars – A Hitting a Mark recommendation.