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And so it goes is very predictable.  Aging ladies man.  Check.   Woman hanging in to a painful memory that continues to haunt her.  Check.   Meet cute moment.  Check.   Troublesome family issues.  Check.

Yet for all of its predictability And So It Goes works.   It works because the stars of the show, Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton, are full of such charisma and engaging personality that the movie seems to be carried by their efforts.

Oren Little (Douglas’s character) has never recovered from the death of his wife many years before.   He has a son who has a drug addiction and is going to prison.   The son also has a daughter and he wants to leave her with Oren until he gets out.   Oren ends up,dumping the girl on Leah (Diane Keaton).  After a while the two fall in love while watching the girl.  As I said before this movie is good solely on the charts a of the two leads.

However, it is fun movie experience none the less.

2.5 stars – A Hitting a Mark Recommendation