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I have often dreamt of winning a mega lottery. One where I get a single payout in the hundreds of millions of dollars and all of my cares financially would seem to disappear. After winning I would like to buy my own island somewhere in the Caribbean, giving me a complete escape from the world. A really great fantasy, but so often in life, when one wishes for the ultimate of fantasies, the actual reality is something completely different.

Jurassic World won’t surprise you. If you don’t know it’s about dinosaurs run amok, then I don’t think this movie if or you. However, the thrill of watching giant dinosaurs walk around still gives me chills and a sense of wonder. But, to quote Dr. Ian Malcolm – “You did it, you crazy sob, you did it!” What is it? It is actually building the Jurassic Park theme park, named Jurassic a World.

In Jurassic World, a billionaire, played by the excellent Irrfan Khan, succeeds in following through with John Hammond’s vision of the completing a park where the public can view dinosaurs.  The first part of the movie gives you the same sense of wonder as the first movie did in it’s opening act. I have always wondered what kind of rides they would have and attractions would be present. This whole sequence makes the movie. The rides are phenomenal, an up close and personal with the “attractions”. I can only say that when I imagined what the park would have looked like, they exceeded my imagination.

Chris Pratt plays the heroic lead.   However, where Jurassic World goes off the rails a bit, is the backstory of it’s main leads.   As we all know, you don’t mess with the raptors, ever.  However, Pratt goes from the Navy to being the Raptor Alpha pack leader.   He bonds with them from birth. While it provides a great sequence later of the raptors being used to find the movie’s big bad, Idominus Rex, the film’s creators are asking for way to much suspension of belief.

Bryce Dallas Howard’s character is such a waste.  While I understand the need for the female lead and romantic interest, there should have been more to her.   In the first movie, Laura Dern’s character was a strong independent female lead.  Howard has to play her as the typical, anal, uptight boss lady.   I think this was a great mistake and the chance to have a strong heroine play opposite Pratt is lost.

All in all, the movie is fun.   There are great dinosaur scenes and it retains a sense of wonder and awe.  A worthy sequel to the original Jurassic Park.

3 stars – A Hitting A Mark recommendation.