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Whenever I visit a restaurant to have a meal for the first time, I like to try a basic meal.   My reasoning?  If you can’t make a staple dish well, then how can they make the more complicated dishes?   This won’t be my last visit to Greco’s for sure.   I will come back to try other dishes.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, we were warmly welcomed.  Greco’s makes you feel like you walked into a friend’s house for dinner.   We sat at the bar with friends, enjoying a pre-meal cocktail, while the hostess and bartender chatted us up.   A very pleasant way to start a meal and dining experience with friends.

As to the basic order, I always choose spaghetti and meatballs the first time a eat at an Italian restaurant.  The noodles were done perfectly, the sauce had a touch of sweetness to it, and the meatballs were simply delicious.   The portion size was massive.   A standard dinner could easily be split into two portions and shared between a couple.  But, it my case, I had an excellent lunch from the leftovers the next day.

Our server was extremely knowledgeable about what wines paired with which entree.  She asked about the wine I were ordering, mine was a chianti, and gave me a reassuring nod that my pairing would indeed work out.   Various entrees and drinks were ordered, and judging by the smiles of satisfaction, the table of eight was extremely satisfied with their dining experience.

Another reason to go back to Greco’s.   Their appetizer plate of calamari was a mountain of goodness.   And for the price, extremely reasonable, approximately nine dollars!

While the food was awesome, my only issue to note is that the decor seems a bit dated.  However, I really walked away with a set of pleasant memories and the next time I am asked to suggest a restaurant for Italian food, Greco’s will be at the top of the list.

3 stars – A Hitting a Mark recommendation.