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Interstellar is a visual masterpiece.   The various set pieces and the choice of cinematography is stunning.   The space travel and its visuals are outrageously good.  However, that is what takes over a bit in this movie.   Especially as the scenes always seem to be dour in nature, with more a grey scale look to them.

Don’t get me wrong.  Christopher Nolan is instant box office in my mind now.  His work on the Dark Knight series of movies has elevated him among just a few other great directors working right now.  He is the peer and equivalent of Eastwood, Tarantino, Scorsese, Wes Anderson, Fincher, to name a few.   His storytelling is brilliant and the themes of his movies are intriguing.   But while he leaves his actors to portray hope within the story, his story is a bit depressing.

The earth is dying, after mistreatment of natural resources, the last crop that is capable of being grown, corn, will not last forever.  Enter Matthew McConaughey, the only pilot capable of managing an interstellar space flight through a worm hole. NASA has secretly be working to find planets that can support human life.  Led by Michael Caine, they determine that there are three planets found that need to be explored as a possible location for New Earth.

Joined by Anne Hathaway as Co-pilot they set out to determine each planet’s possibilities and send back word to the remaining group on earth that the can all set course for their new home.   The trip is treacherous and with all kinds of twists and turns.   I cant write too much about the plot as you, the viewer, needs to see the movie and experience it for themselves.

3.5 stars – A Hitting a Mark recommendation.