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Political notions aside, 9/11 has changed forever the practical nature in which a country’s intelligence agencies seek to protect citizens.   Everyone is a possible suspect and the pool of people to look into is simply massive.  So what happens when a seemingly innocent man gets caught up in the machinery of the anti terror government agency structure?   This is the answer A Most Wanted Man seeks to explain.

I will miss Philip Seymour Hoffman. He was an actor of superb range and depth. He just dominates this movie from beginning to end.  In recent memory, his portrayal of the villainous Owen Davian in Mission Impossible III was regarded as one of the best bad guys in the last decade.  His German accent is tough to understand at first, but once you catch on, it is the subtle nuances that make the role truly his though out the movie.

This is a slow burn of a movie, with a distinct slow moving pace, that builds and builds to a climax. And what a climax it is, the ending is just jaw dropping. The specter of all suspicions and anxiety of the intelligence communities after 9/11 serves as a background to the immigration of a Muslim man to Hamburg, Germany. This sets of a series of back and forth actions and one up man ship efforts of competing intelligence groups that move the plot along. Just a really good movie. 3 stars – A Hitting a Mark recommendation.