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imitation game

I am fascinated to learn about a subject that I had utterly no clue existed.   It is when I am most engaged in whatever forum or event I am participating in a that moment.   The Imitation Game brings to light the incredible story of Alan Turing.   Alan Turning was a brilliant mathematician who invented a computer to break the Nazi’s enigma code.  The code was thought to be completely unbreakable.  He was also a gay man, at a time in history when it was illegal to be gay in Britain

Winston Churchill said the he made the single greatest contribution to Britain’s war effort. It is estimated that he ended the war two years early and saved millions of lives.  He was also highly confrontational due to his possibley having Asperger’s syndrome. A malady that would make him be described as highly anti-social at times.

This is a brilliant acting performance by Benedict Cumberbatch. He gets all the nuances right, the portrayal correct. Cumberbatch is a fantastic actor in everything he is in.  His interplay with Kiera Knightley is inspired.  And with the rest of the cast, for a fantastic dynamic and really bring the film alive.

Another Oscar worthy item to note is the set pieces.   A set design and costume design can fill the film with life.  The costumes and sets in the film not only seem to give a tone, but they seem alive.   They just jump out at you.   They help to provide the viewer with a fantastic movie watching experience.

4 stars – A Hitting a Mark recommendation.