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Every once in a while, as I go through the pile of movies stacked up to watch, one will just keep being recycled to the bottom. “I really don’t want to watch it”, I think to myself. Sigh. Well my friends, I could not be more wrong about this film.  One of the more interesting affects movies tend to have on me is the change in my perception about films.  There are plenty of times when a film looks like a sure fire winner and it disappoints.  Then there is 47 Ronin.

This was just a fun movie to watch. This isn’t a 200 million dollar film with unbelievable effects. Rather, a small film that is really done well. Full of color, good fun, and an enjoyable revenge story, 47 Ronin seeks to entertain you and accomplishes the effort quite well. The costumes are excellent and at times the film takes on a graphic novel cinematography, it simply is visually stunning.

If you were a Ronin in feudal Japan, you lived in a state of disgrace without honor.   They are this way because Kai, Reeves character in the film, has brought shame after illegally entering a fighting match in front of the Shogun, the de facto ruler of feudal Japan.  As a result his master has to commit suicide or seppuku.

I can say this this about Keanu Reeves, he is really trying to make films that capture an audiences attention.  The work he does and that of Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada, the noble Oishi, are top notch.   If fact Sanada’s character undergoes the most transformation as he despises the “half-breed” at first and then comes to respect his ability to fight and his honor.

Get at the bucket of popcorn ready for this one.

A surprisingly good film – 3 stars. A Hitting a Mark recommendation.