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The Best Exotic Marigold was released in 2011 and was just a charming movie.   It had so much life.   Based on British retirees who have moved to India, the quality of the actors in the film along with the pure beauty of India were the stars.  Well, the old adage is “If it ain’t broke, dont fix it”.   The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is just that.  Just as charming, with excellent acting, and the pure beauty of India as it’s colorful, artistic canvas.

Much to everyone’s surprise and the never ending enthusiasm of Sonny ( Dev Patel) the Marigold Hotel is almost full.  The renovations on the hotel are not keeping up with the occupancy needs.  Sonny and Muriel (Dame Maggie Smith) travel to the US looking for investment capital to finance the expansion of the hotel and expand the chain.

Evelyn (Dame Judi Dench) is actively recruited to be purchase agents of fabric and it is her interaction with the various vendors that really shows her traveling through some of the most beautiful areas of the country.  This is when the pallet of colors of India just jump off the screen.

The acting is very good, the scenery is excellent.   Since this is just the same movie as the first, there arent many surprises.   But do watch this film, it has the same charm as the first film in the series.

2.5 stars – A Hitting a Mark recommendation