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As I get older, I tend to find myself rooting for the old guy. Such is the case with Pierce Brosnan and to a lesser degree, Liam Neeson. Why cant folks from the over 50 crowd be as good as the 30 year olds?  In today’s world with all of the new knowledge of diet and exercise, there is no reason why a 50+ year old cant be active and a damn good spy.  Yoga, Paleo, Pilates, Crossfit, and others would help to keep the older spy in top shape.  While most folks would consider Pierce Brosnan to old for action, I say bring it on.  (just make sure you get a solid script and director)

Brosnan is just terrific in this movie as the retired spy who is brought back from retirement and needs to defeat the agent he trained. The plot and story are cliche, but the action sequences are good and Olga Kurylenko provide the proper amount of emotion as the female lead. Luke Bracey is also adequate as Brosnan’s understudy.   He provides a good counter balance to Brosnan’s mature spy with a burst of action you figure a younger man would be able to do.

It moves along at a brisk pace and just entertains you. Another popcorn movie of the highest order, Brosnan carries the film.  In the final 30 minutes, the script and story go off the rails.  There are deaths that are unnecessary and questions that get hastily answered.  With a strong finish, this would have been a 4 star movie.

As such, 3 stars – a Hitting a Mark recommendation.