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Expendables 3

Well it’s official. I have sent my request in to Sly Stallone to be on Expendables 4. Hell, if these old codgers can do it, so can I!  Sly is now 69 years old.  And he looks fantastic.  But wait… Lets add Harrison Ford (73), Arnold (68), and youngster Antonio Banderas (55).   But age is just a number to all of them.   They all really seem to enjoy their time together.   I can only imagine the stories and drinking that went on during the shoot.   So in order to get myself ready for Sly’s call – yoga, weights, and lots and lots of burpees need to be done.

Expendables 2 is a really fun popcorn movie, this film has lots of shooting, blowing stuff up, and actions sequences of the “c’mon that’s just not possible” variety. Making Mel Gibson the bad guy is a masterstroke.  Mel has always been good at showing crazy with his eyes.   He just looks nuts when he goes wide eyed.   But, he is an underrated actor and really is an excellent bad guy and can pull off being a bad ass mercenary.  One of my movie watching mantras is – “Your film is only as good as the villain”.  Well, in the end the back and forth with Sly is excellent and the adversarial relationship with Mel is really believable.  So the villainy is very good.

However, the best two addition to this movie are Antonio Banderas and Rhonda Rousey. Banderas is off the charts nuts, never shuts up, and is just laugh out loud funny at times.  He is manic, trying to join the Expendables team for a long time and his joy at finally getting accepted put a smile on my face.   I like Rousey because she absolutely beats the living bejeesus out of every guy she fights. It just makes you go oooohhhhh.  Since we all know that in real life she can do it all the time, the strong and good looking Rousey just grabs your attention and doesn’t let go.

So gab your bucket of popcorn sit back and let your brain go into mush mode.  

2.5 stars – A Hitting a Mark recommendation.