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Fury is an assault on the senses.   This movie is the reason to have a Blu-Ray player..  Add in surround sound and you have a delight of a movie watching event.  The growl of the tank that comes out from your sub-woofer rattles your insides.  I swear that I felt the ground shake as the tank rumbled by on the screen.  The whiz of a bullet or shell flying through the air and going from the left channel to the right channel instinctively have you ducking and flinching.   The sound editing matches one of my all time favorite movies for sound, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.

But enough about the technical aspects of the film.   Fury is almost a classic.  It is very close to being in the same category as Saving Private Ryan.  The two movies are very different looks at World War II.  But what a ride it is.   Director David Ayer really hits his stride in telling the story and setting the scenes.  He really pulls you into each scene with the grittiness of the film.   The film shows war with no remorse, so be ready for a lot of gore and shock.  At times, Ayer seems to like to shock too much with the bloodiness of the film, essentially I found myself thinking “OK you made your point, enough gruesomeness”.   But he does a very good job with the overall tone and movement of the film.

Brad Pitt again plays a hardened veteran of war.   Having seen  and lived through too much and seemingly just trying to make it to the end of the conflict, Pitt portrays his character with just enough humanity to connect to the viewer.   The rest of the cast plays their parts well.  They each have been hardened by the horrors of war.  There is a redneck, a newbie, and a man drowning in a bottle of anything just to dull the pain and hurt.  The personalities really mesh when in the tank together.

The actions scenes are jaw dropping, especially the final scene.  The quality of the final scene is so expertly done, that many times I said “wow – that is unbelievable” and found myself shaking my head.  I actually moved forward in my chair to get closer to the screen as I really enjoyed the final sequence.

Fury is just a great movie going experience.   3.5 start – A Hitting a Mark recommendation.