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Furious 7 is so much more than the cars.    In the beginning the cars where part of the cast, with the focus on them almost as much as stars, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker.  The cars are no longer the focus, outrageous stunts are the new normal as the focal part of the series.  You can always count on the Fast and Furious movies to provide crazy car stunts,and I am still shaking my head at the crazy things they show on the screen.

This movie is the perfect combination of old Fast and Furious team members and memories with the current cast that behaves in the same way as Ocean’s Eleven. Since movie #5 in the series, they have taken a different tone and story line.   The crew was expanded. each with their specialty, and robberies and the Rock were introduced.  The movies truly emphasized the team, or families, at their core.  Adding Kurt Russell as Mr. Nobody, a shadowy government figure, was a master stroke.  He commands the screen when he is in a scene.  And now the movies will again change to allow the team to be part of the government responses to morally grey situations.

The focus of the movie has been about how the Furious production team was going the handle the untimely death of co-star Paul Walker.    It is one of the classiest of moments I have ever seen on screen.  The series wont be the same without Mr. Walker, so it will be interesting to see how the movies handle his absence in the future films.

The film is plain fun.   Michelle Rodriguez is outstanding as Letty, who has had amnesia.  But as she begins to remember all of the details, her depth of emotion within her acting is excellent.   The Rack has some fantastic catch phrases, Tyrese and Ludacris are really funny as their conversations bounce back and forth, and Jason Statham is a very good bad guy.  He really is just excellent.

3.5 stars – A Hitting A Mark recommendation.