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A delightful, fun movie about a person’s truth and the need to stick with your dreams. Jon Favreau is just terrific as a Chef Carl Casper who has had his creative flair stymied by his everyday job. He wants to create food with flair, while the owner of the restaurant knows what sells to make money.  Chef looses the argument and leaves the restaurant.

He decides to renovate a food truck with his son and the movie takes you on a journey of bonding, exploration, and life lessons learned as they travel across the U.S.  They are accompanied by his loyal sidekick, John Leguizamo.  Leguizamo is excellent in a restrained comedic manner, just providing enough laughs and smiles that make the film feel fuller.

The father and son learn from each other.  Especially when the father begins to appreciate his son’s social media skills.   Expertly using social media, he announces the pending arrival of the food truck, where the truck is located, and markets the enterprise as deftly as paid professional adults.

Great supporting work by Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr., Chef just had me smiling from ear to ear. Written and directed by Favreau as well, Chef is one of the best “feel good” movies in recent years. 3.5 stars – A Hitting the Mark recommendation.