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The late Paul Walker stars in Hours.   Set in New Orleans as Hurricane Katrina is bearing down on the city, Hours is a man against nature film at its core.

Walker plays Nolan Hayes and Genesis Rodriguez is his wife, Abigail.   They have a storybook meet cute moment, get married and then, pregnant.  While taking her to the hospital in advance of the premature birth of their child, she dies during childbirth. The baby is placed in a neonatal incubator.   At the same time, the hurricane hits and all hell breaks loose at the hospital.  Patients and staff are forced to evacuate and Hayes has to look after his daughter by himself.

The main part of Hours is it just isn’t the man against the storm at its center.  The director / writer chooses to throw the kitchen sink of issues against Hayes as he struggles to keep his daughter alive.   But there is always a convenient save for each issue.  A generator for the dead incubator battery, food shared from a kind person, and so on…

While Walker does an excellent job acting in the film, the logic of the script fail him and the movie.   A good suspenseful tearjerker is something I enjoy.  The story just gets lazy.  I do not like sloppy logic.   While Walker’s character runs all over the hospital trying to get the attention of possible rescuers, looking for food, grabbing diapers, and avoiding looters, he never really thinks to go to the pediatric unit for a new battery for the incubator.  Or better yet another unused incubator.

While the film is a success due purely to Walker’s acting and effort, the script and direction really hold it back from being something more.

2 stars – A Hitting a Mark recommendation.