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Homefront is a pretty vanilla Jason Statham action movie.    Statham plays a DEA agent who has a bad experience whille under cover in a biker gang.   Really?   A bad experience?   This movie is so predictable that the ending and all the movie in between is essentially filler.   C’mon folks, lets see a show of hands in a vote.   Bad guy sees silent, mysterious good guy beat the living stuffing out of someone and that pushes his bad guy buttons so he decides to go after the silent, mysterious good guy? What? But the movie isn’t really that bad.  Just predictable.  James Franco plays Gator in the film.   While he would be good at playing a sly, witty bad guy, Franco as a redneck, meth dealing, bad guy is a tough act to swallow.   He does however work very hard to give the character some depth.   All the acting is decent, the story average, and the rest of the picture doesn’t try to take itself very seriously.   A good movie when you want to just relax and not invest to much brainpower.  2 stars – a Hitting the Mark recommendation.