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Run, do not walk and get yourself a copy of John Wick to watch. Between this movie and 47 Ronin, Keanu Reeves has two of the biggest surprise movies of the last year. Just an oustanding movie, John Wick’s name is mentioned in reverence and sheer respect when in discussion. The best reaction is when the local crime boss informed that it was John Wick was offended. There is a wide eyed reaction, a sense of “we are so screwed”, and then the inevitable “well, it was nice to know you” reality. As the movie watcher, you go ” how bad could it be, it’s Keanu Reeves?” Well, Keanu is a supreme friggin’ baddass in this film. He is smooth and compact in his movements, does not get off balance, and just glides through the bad guys. I just found myself pulled in deeper and deeper as the movie progressed and when the film ended, I felt completely satisfied as a reviewer. A fantastic film to enjoy my friends. 4 stars – A HIGH recommendation.